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 los santos police department

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PostSubject: los santos police department   Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:19 am

- Application Form -
Police Scotland Recruitment
Training and Recruitment Centre

First name:jason
Last name:alteza
Date of birth:may.14.1999
Current address:sangandaan caloocan brgy.1
Phone number: Sex: Male

Have you ever been arrested before?: Nope
Do you hold a U.S citizenship documentation?: No
Do you have a valid U.S driver license?: Yes

The Contract:
slender_Olympus , A police officer holds a responsible position within society. One of the primary roles of the position is ensuring law and order is maintained. Applicants therefore need to be able to demonstrate their respect for the law. They need to show that they can maintain the standards expected of police officers and are not
vulnerable to corrupting influences

Medical and fitness standards.
As part of the recruitment process you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. This will be dealt
with confidentially by the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Unit. The recruitment department does not
require to be made aware of your medical status.
All applicants undertake a medical examination and will have their eyesight examined prior to appointment.
This allows the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Unit to determine whether you are able to satisfy the
health and eyesight standards as laid down by the Scottish Government.


Past Character Names (If any):Clydexian_Bautista.
What is your age:15.
Playing Hours In-game (TLS Time In LS):26:30.
How much can you be online daily?:5 10 hourse.
Why do you want to join the LSPD in this server?:becuse i wan't to help the innocent and jailed the Dmer

pleass accept me!!!!!!!! Cool afro 
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PostSubject: suport ko po siya   Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:40 am

tangapi nyo na po yan tgal na pong gustong sumali sa lspd active po lagi yan
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los santos police department
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